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Our FAA L-890 certification

L-890 specification requirements aim to confirm the technical ability of the ALCMS provider to interface several devices, to use a REMOTE TOWER control, to monitor the single lamp and in a complete view to supply a reliable system operating also in case of major failures.
All these features must be capable of being performed in any kind of infrastructure and possible scenarios around the globe.
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MC SOLUTIONS is ISO 9001:2015 (RINA)

MC Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 (RINA) certified for his activities in: design, development, installation, maintenance and assistance for high tech automation plants, as well as for data and audio-video transmission networks.

Our policy

Moreover, MC SOLUTIONS chose to implement and maintain the main aspects of management systems for health and safety at work, the environment and social responsibility, drawing inspiration from some of the principles contained in OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000 international standards, in defining policies, procedures and records to protect its personnel, customers, suppliers and the environment.


SOA Certificate 22836/11/00 date 5th August 2020

MC SOLUTIONS announce that it has been recognized as a qualified company to participate in public infrastructure works.

ACI Airport Council International

MC SOLUTIONS becomes Wolrd Business Partner at ACI Europe and participate in TOSC Technical Operations Safety Committee.


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