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Prevent Runway Incursion: A r S

MC Solutions announces the FAA L-890 certification 

MIA System agl remote control and monitoraggio from 1 up to maximum Level 4 Type D - SMGCS ready.
1st Italian | 1st European among 5 world player.

Our company

MC Solutions, grown on the footprint of an inventor Umberto Cazzani who strongly believed in his ideas in the ‘80s, is now a reality of excellence in runway lights management, automatic surface guidance control and runway incursion prevention on Optical Fiber technology. Revolutionary ideas in separating cable, sending data on Optical Fiber granting safety, speed and efficiency.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and tenacity of his son Maurizio, now general manager of MC Solutions, years of study and improvement have brought to a worldwide patent pending product Monitor Control Lamp Optical and to a wide variety of high-tech applications in various branches: from security to smart data management, for instance in gas distribution, audio and video service, analog/digital networks, optical fiber data distribution and custom engineered and manufactured devices.

MC Solutions stems from the will to carry on the mission, which has been taken over by young professionals with already several years’ experience: endowing industrial electronics with very high technology. 

This commitment requires continuous updates and new projects that contribute to make MC Solutions’ products and plants at the state of-the art in their respective fields. 

MC Solutions’ customers are particularly satisfied with the prestige they garnered by means of MC S high-tech systems.

The expertise of the team allows offering a variety of high-quality services in several sectors, with a global overview that enable the staff to manage the whole operating process.

"Passion for aviation, curiosity for new solutions and High-tech enthusiasts: this is MC Solutions. "  Umberto - founder & private SEA water-land pilot for passion

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